Jerusalem Artichoke and Coffee

Jerusalem Artichoke and Coffee

Jerusalem Artichoke and Coffee FrontJerusalem Artichoke and Coffee Elements



The bon bon has two components: Jerusalem Artichoke Ganache and Coffee Ganache.

Jerusalem Artichoke is a root vegetable with malty, nutty and slight sweet flavour that resembles a potato. While it may seem unusual to use a vegetable to make a dessert, we found that its flavour has so much potential as a sweet treat. Fresh jerusalem artichokes are roasted until they are golden and caramelised. We use the skins to infuse into cream and make it into a ganache. The result is a glorious ganache with so much character and uniqueness that is sure to intrigued all taste buds.

To pair with the flavour of jerusalem artichoke, we use arabica beans to make into a ganache. The roasty bitterness pairs so well with jerusalem artichoke that its a match made in heaven. 

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